Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh Boy– a new Toy

Yesterday during the main session we were introduced to several new products! Cool stuff, I tell ya! More details to follow when I am back home! But the one thing that I wanted to share with is a stamp carving kit called “Undefined”. Click here for details on kits.


I have to admit, I was very skeptical because I can NOT even draw a stick figure, OK! So I thought I will not be able to use this product. I am so glad that Stampin’ Up! had a booth set up so we all could give it a try. Of course, there was a waiting line, BUT I was determined to check it out for you and me.

While waiting in line Denise and I were pondering what stamp we wanted to make. I was thinking dragonfly right away, and then thought of how I sign all of my blog posts. Little refresher, this is it:

Well, the block we got to carve from was a smaller one, so I knew I couldn’t pull off the whole signature and just wanted to do the “C”.  I pulled it up on my cell phone, , placed paper over the screen and traced it, and then went to work! This is my stamp:


Once we were done, we were asked to stamp the image, add our name and add to the wall:






Looking back it was actually fun to do, but I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first.

Just to give you an idea how it’s done you can watch the little video (warning, it’s a little cheesy, but cute…)

I am sure lots of you are way more artsy than me and will be able to make those custom stamps with ease, especially since I was able to make this one today Winking smile

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  1. Love it, Claudia! You did an amazing job!!! :) A one-of-a-kind stamp that you will always have to treasure and use!

    Shannon West


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