Monday, June 13, 2016

Texas Birthday Card

Today's Card I hope does what I had in mind. It's supposed the have a "Texas and Western" feeling... See:

I wanted to make a card with one of my retired fishing sets from years back, and can't put my hands on it at the moment. So I had to come with with another idea. It's for friends husband, who is from Texas... and likes to Two-Step ;-)

I like the result and hope he does too....

For you guys that take closer looks at the samples... you might see the "stitch lines". Which of course are FAUX, 'cause you know me and I don't pull out my sewing machine unless I absolutely have to.
We used to have a piercing template in the catalog and that's what I used to pierce the holes with and then I used the Early Espresso marker to draw the lines to make the stitches. But if you don't have this handy tool... go to the craft store... to the cross stitch isle and get yourself some of the cheap white plastic canvas that's used for cross stitching... you can use that for it too! And they come in different types (shapes and also the distance of holes... bigger or smaller stitches)

Supplies used:

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