Thursday, November 10, 2016

Some more oldies today

Today I almost bought something to try out with our decorative masks at the craft store... but then a light bulb came on. Let me try something I have from years past... called Pearl Ex. I know some of you still have some sitting around too!

It's very easy! Here is a close up:

I've secured my black cardstock and over it the decorative mask. Then I did "direct to paper" with my VersaMark inkpad. I removed the mask and brushed the Pearl Ex powder over it. The access dust in between patterns was gently wipes off with a soft swiffer cloth. Then aerosol hairspray was sprayed over it as a fixative... (same goes for the greeting, BTW)

The corrugated gold strip was created with, yet another oldie, the paper crimper. See every now and then we need to pull out our old collectibles and give them some love!

If you wonder how the "pattern" on the leaf was created... well that was a "by product". I had used a clear stamp case for watercolor wash background, and after I was done, I wiped the remaining ink puddles away with a baby wipe. I notice the streaky pattern on the plastic case and quickly pressed a piece of vanilla cardstock onto it...

Can you tell that I was having fun?!

Supplies used:

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