Friday, February 2, 2018

Global Stamping Friends Blog Hop: Love

Today I am participating in a Blog Hop by "Global Stamping Friends" and our theme is "LOVE". I have been playing with the Waterfront set and decided to make a simple and fun background for my card, by "painting" with the stamps on watercolor paper and then smoothing out the edges with my very wet Aqua Painter. Here it is:

You can't even tell that I've used stamps to do that. But it gives the background more depth, I think and is much easier for me to do than laying down a well planned watercolor wash background from scratch... It's very easy! YOU can do this too! I also added some splattering with my VERY wet Aqua Painter and Elegant Eggplant ink.

I used the one texture folder from the set "Petal Pair" because it almost looks as if the little leafs are hearts...

Here is a little secret about the "Love Ya" tag... Well, I "tried" my best to line up my letters to make them straight and even... it worked... until I got to the "E" and because my clear block was wet from cleaning the stamp prior...the letter actually slid some when I stamped, making it well... crooked! I didn't want to start over for let's say a 4th time... so I decided to carry the theme on over to the next word..LOL and I like it! I hope this card inspired you to play with the watercolor wash technique either with stamps or from scratch and shows you that not everything has to be perfectly straight! 

Have fun stamping and now of course hopping through the blogs to see all the great projects this month...

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  1. This is card goals for sure! Great tip about using the Waterfront stamp to create the watercolour background - I would never have guessed! I think crooked just might be the new straight! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Wow Claudia... lots of lovely details and a stunning card as a result...

  3. Wow what wonderful watercolouring Claudia! I must try this technique and I love that you have made a “ mistake “ work for you ! I love the crooked letters !

  4. I love that background! Looks like the painted love dsp without the gold :)

  5. You're right, I totally can't tell you used stamps to make the watercolor wash. You'll have to explain that a little more for me...did you just sort of swipe the inked stamps across the surface?? Thanks for sharing your genius with us :-D

  6. I love how the little elements come together! Great card!

  7. Beautiful card. I love the watercolor wash background. :)

  8. The waterfront stamp set has so many uses! Pretty card

  9. Brilliant! Way to get more out of a stamp...turn it sideways!

  10. Great card and love the colour combination

  11. well, i have to be honest. I didn't think I needed brusho. Clearly, your card has proved me wrong. Well done!

  12. That is really awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.


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