Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quality Time with my Blendabilities

So this evening I spent some quality time with my blendabilities and I am getting REALLY excited now that you all will get to order them in a week too.

Let me start out with a picture of how I chose to store my markers…


It drove me NUTS having to pull the markers out of the little plastic sleeves.


So I think, I’ll go back and get me more boxes tomorrow Winking smile

So I started out with one flower and practiced on it several different ways as you can see in the pic with all the markers. And find that when I start with the darkest color, then the lighter ones, I now start to get a pretty decent look:


I do like that I don’t have any harsh lines where my colors blend, but I guess I still need more practice…

So then I did this one, and must say I do like it lots better already:


I am hooked on blending… and look forward to learning more and getting better as I play, ahem… work with the awesome new markers!

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