Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Artsy, Artsy!

Today I have a fun and artsy project to share with you.
My friend Windi had a Christmas Ornament on her car antenna for … well… Christmas. But when in late January she still had her Christmas ornament on there, I couldn’t stand it any longer and “stole” it one night.   I really just wanted to replace it with something more current.
But then I got to thinking, Windi is an artist by trade and I knew what she had to have for her antenna… A paint brush!
So I got one and splattered it up and added some decoration:

This picture shows how long the paint brush is:
size of brush
Close up on the letter (wire and mini bottle cap):
close up of finished letter
And this picture shows the glitter on the letter:
letter with stamp
Of course I could NOT go without stamping on the letter Smile
And maybe one day either Windi will take a picture of it on her car or I will and then I’ll share it with you guys!

And here it is :-) Windi took a picture for us:

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