Thursday, April 4, 2013

Desktop Calendar Case + MDS = awesome

I just LOOOOOVVVVE when things work out the way I had envisioned  them! It’s not always of course, but when it happens, it makes me happy, happy, happy! (had to sneak my favorite Duck Commander quote in here).

So I wanted to make a gift for me stamp club members since today a new round is starting up. And by my title, you might guessed it already. Yes, I made them Desktop calendars!

Here is a “group shot”:



And here is a better picture of one open and one with back facing up in front of the open one:


And here you have  a glimpse of the inserts:


I totally love MDS, but I think I have told you that maybe once or twice Winking smile  But what I love about MDS is that you can customize anything! I made the pages but starting with a blank page in the size of 4 by 7.25. Then I added the Calendars and decorated. The little colored dot each month, marks the day of the meeting… Once I was ready to print, I simply told MDS that I wanted 2 on a page… Easy, peasy!

Then cut them down (following the lines that I printed on each page in pale gray) and put them in the cases.

Can’t wait to hand them out… Of course I will have done that by the time you read this, since I am going to schedule this post so the ladies will have a little surprise when they come over tonight!

Here is what I used:

Desktop Display Calendar Case, Item #127033  $1.95

Desktop Display Calendar Case

#130647       or     #130646


or you could just give it a try for free for 30 days…. click here:



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