Monday, May 6, 2013

FB cover photo

Good afternoon! This is Adriane, back again for one last post before Claudia is back in charge :) I know we all can't wait to hear about her trip!! 

I only thought nothing could be easier than the card I created last week using a digital kit...then I created this Facebook cover photo. The background paper is from the Beau Chateau kit, design #1. When I added it as a background paper I was not able to shift and determine which part of the sheet I wanted in my cover photo so I added a 1.25 square punch and made it the same size as my document. I then added the DSP I selected and was able to slide the paper around until it was showing exactly what I wanted. I also zoomed out because remember this is a tiny custom sized space I'm working with. This portion of the paper I selected is absolutely beautiful and technically I could have left it like that and been done :)..but I had to add a little something extra since I'm blogging about this design and don't want to keep it THAT simple :) this is a good example of how simple you can keep things with MDS but you always have the option to dress it up even more. I added a butterfly punch 1 shape and sized it how I wanted and did a paper fill and selected another DSP from the same kit but used design # 12. If you double click on the butterfly you can zoom the paper in and out and also move the paper around until the part of the design you want is showing. I did this and added a mat to outline the butterfly in a pink I selected from the background paper. I copied and pasted another butterfly so it was the same exact thing and I moved it to the other side. Well, it really was THAT easy! Isn't it so pretty though?? :)

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  1. Very pretty Adriane. That is one of my favorite DSP packs.


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