Friday, February 6, 2015

Use those dies with fabric!

Some of you may know that I really don’t like to sew. I am not good at it and don’t have patience with it. But last month I was sort of forced to do a sewing project.

See, the girls (my dogs Annie and Galena – yes laugh at me…) had a photo shoot scheduled and I had ordered some pretty special bling collars for them. The lady promised me she can make and get them to me on time… But to make a long story short she totally ignored me and failed to deliver (so I won’t be recommending her business EVER – that’s what I get for trying out someone new)…

Since I had my mind set on bling collars I set out to make some fake ones myself.

I used tough elastics and made a fabric cover and sewed a snap on so it would be easy to put on/take off.

And because I am not good at this as I said, I needed something to cover the spot where the snap was sewn on. HAH – Stampin’ Up! came to the rescue! I used dies and the bigshot.. I cut several layers of the fabric in one run because it was a thick die!




I know the “faux collars” are not perfect by any means, but I am pretty proud of how they turned out and served the purpose well enough Winking smile



Here is a collage of some of the proofs we liked a lot and we already put in our order with the photographer – can’t wait to get them!

pet photo shoot collage

Don’t forget you can use your dies for projects like this! You can always add some to your collection from my online store!

Have fun crafting!

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