Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aloha from Honolulu

.... Or almost anyways! Today starts my  vacation, YAY! And it is thanks to YOU and Stampin' Up! I do love my job and appreciate your continued support! Without you, I would not be able to earn incentives like this trip! Thank you so much!  Please read further down too, to get the info on my blog assistants..

Today I am going to share the items we got for our trip. I got them of course a couple of weeks back, but saved to show them off until today!

Inside a fedex envelope, I got this beautiful burlap envelope. It's big!

And it held these items:

Our own little SU travel guide (things to know, events etc...), our travel documents (not pictured), name tags and luggage tags.

Those luggage tags are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen!

They are leather and embroidered. So I am NOT going to put them on while we are travelling, since I don't want to chance them getting lost!

Doesn't Stampin' Up! just treat us well! They really do!  More on how... while on the trip. But I will post the via Facebook since I am not sure how much internet access I will have. If you don't use Facebook, but would like to see, you can keep coming back to my blog and see info on the right side bar...

While I am gone, the blog will NOT be on vacation LOL. I've got some help from a group of very talented stampers. I call them my blog assistants! If all goes as planned, there will be a blog post every day for you! Let me introduce the girls...in no particular order... So you know who's talking to you each day ;-)

Robin (Monday #2 Club):

Sammy (Tuesday Club):

Nance (Tuesday Club):

Sandra (Thursday Club):

Theresa (Monday #2 Club)

 Allysha (Tuesday Club):

Sharon (Thursday Club):

Joy (Tuesday Club):

So please be sure and come back every day, I am sure the girls will post some great stuff. And I know each one has their own different style so you are going to be in for a treat! Also, please be son kind and comment on their posts to show them some love, OK?!

THANKS for post for me girls! Can't wait to see it all!

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