Thursday, March 31, 2016

Can't Thank you enough

Did you miss me or noticed that I posted like very other day instead of very day? If you didn't notice it, well... I am pouting LOL... for those that wondered... everything is just fine. I was just a bit tied up with Tax Prep work.. or the catching up thereof so I can get my taxes done. But I am happy to report that my work is done and I can't wait to get the appointment over with...(next week)

So I was in the mood for a light colored card...

That sentiment is perfect and possibly overlooked because the stamp set is not in a catalog. It's still available online from when the Photopolymer stamp sets were introduced...

Do you like the "watercolor washed" block look? It's so easy! I simply used the lighter color inkpad first and dabbed it directly onto the clear block, then did the same with the darker color. Then I spritzed rubbing alcohol onto it. I did tilt the block to the left and right once so the ink could mix in the middle... then I "stamped" the wet block onto white cardstock. That's it! Of course you may need to heat set it before stamping over it...

Supplies used:

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