Thursday, September 22, 2016

Earn free Merchandise via Stamp Club, even virtual

Today I thought I would share with you an opportunity... that you may not have thought about before... The Stamp Club...

If you are like a lot of stampers, you are probably wondering how to narrow down your wish list, because you want it all. Also, you probably saw a lot of techniques and accessories at a prior stamp event or in the catalog that you would like to try, but you’re not sure where to begin. And you remember that if you hosted your own party, there are many benefits! If you just don’t want to go to the trouble to host a party at your own home, but still would like to get in on some FREE merchandise and hostess sets, an option that may interest you is the Stamp Club.
Stamp Club is where a group of 8-12 ladies commit to purchase $25.00 (before shipping and tax) per month for 8-12 months. During these 8-12 months, one lady will have a turn at being the hostess for each month. This means, you’ll get ALL the benefits of being a hostess (free catalog and free hostess benefits) without having to actually throw a party. It’s a GREAT way to collect Stamps and accessories without breaking your pocketbook. Your $25.00 order would be due at the workshop (Even if you are not able to attend the actual meeting, your order would be needed for that hostess order).  I have one of my clubs start over next month and we have some room for new members.

I will meet with this group of ladies on the 1st Tuesday of every month (6:00pm) to show them new accessories and techniques, and they get to make one project to take home!  The ladies, who are part of stamp clubs, really enjoy the meetings, not only for the stamping but also for the friendships…

Don’t YOU want to join in on the FUN and freebies? If so, please read on...not in Columbus? No problem, you can still be part of a stamp club... and join in via video broadcast! Ask me for more details...

Why would you want to join?:
As a club member you will not only enjoy the regular hostess benefits, but will get an extra gift from me for joining (at club start up) and another one when it's your turn to be the hostess (along with all the demo items for that meeting). In addition to that, you will receive detailed typed instructions at the meeting, get access to a private Facebook group for stamp club members only that has photos of projects  and video tutorials for each project. All this is for club member's only. If you can't come to some of the meeting, you can visit with the Monday,Thursday (1st week of month) or Monday (2nd week of the month) group so you don't miss out. If that still didn't work with your schedule, or you're an out-of-town customer and can't come at all, you can still be a member and join in during ANY of the meetings via online video broadcast or learn via the video tutorials. Your order would get placed with your "home group" so they won't get shortened. And of course, you would still get the instructions and the make-and-take kit as well.

This club will start over in October. Please let me know if you are interested in joining. You can e-mail me at

We would love to have YOU join us!

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