Friday, September 9, 2016

Golf Birthday

Soooo I needed a Birthday card for someone that loves to play golf and Rob very quickly told me in advance that it will have to be a card fitting the theme. Hmmmmm..... so of course I had to comply with the demand ;-) and put my thinking hat on...

Here is my golf card:

And it is a spinner card! See what it does:

Basically you create a slit in your card layer so the item can use it to roll back and forth on. Two Pennies are attached to one another with a dimensional. That stack will sit inside the track. One penny on the backside of the top layer cardstock, then the dimensional and the other penny on the front. Then another dimensional can be used to attach item that should "spinn".

I took some pictures to give you a visual in case my verbal instructions came across as jibberish

Supplies used:
BTW the shape of the golf club was cut electronically and the file was purchased from the Silhouette store


  1. This card was amazing! It rolled all the way from one side of the card to the worked beautifully! So clever Claudia! And the card looked even better in person than in the picture! Totally LOVED IT!!!
    Cindy :)

  2. Thanks Cindy! I am glad you liked it so much. Now it's your turn to make a spinner card ;-)


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