Saturday, May 27, 2017


Some of you many not know what "RAK" stands for... so let me spell it out for you guys. It stands for Random Act of Kindness! I recently joined a group where you can participate as you wish... meaning you'd add your name to a list of people "playing" during a month and that means YOU are sending one or more cards to a person that is also on said list... The only "rule" is that we send out during the month you've signed up for and use current Stampin' Up! supplies only. Easy to do!

Now there is no guarantee that you will get a card .... because it is...well... RANDOM ... LOL. But it's all about making OTHERS smile... So I sent out some cards this month... And much to my delight I received 2 cards a couple of days apart. They really made me smile!

Here is the card I received from Janet in Richmond,Texas:

And here is the card from Abigail... which came all the way from Swinden, England:

Each card had a sweet note inside which is something I have to get better in. 

I hope this inspired you to either make a card or go to your stash and send a card to a friend or family member that you haven't been in touch with for a little while... just to make them smile and say Hi!

Have a great weekend...

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