Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scentsy Thank You’s and MDS tutorial

Some of you know that I also sell Scentsy. And I decided to combine my 2 Loves… Since I like to thank my customers for ordering, I thought I should treat my Scentsy ones the same as my Stampin’ Up! ones. So I melted 2 scents together and made custom or should I say Designer “mini bricks” for them. Then I made thank you tags in My Digital Studio and put on the little bags with the mini bricks:



And since some of you like to dabble in “MDS” I thought I’d show you in a mini tutorial how to do this!

1) After you opened MDS, started a new project with a blank page, you insert the Decorative Label Puch:


2) Then you’ll add a Mat, and make it a skinny line:


3) Then you change the color fill to white or anything that doesn’t annoy you while planning… or fill with DSP if wanted:


4) Now you can add your text because you know ho big you can go:


5) “Thanks” stamp was added and color changed”:


6) The Punch shape was DELETED:


7) Coy and paste 2x. Then highlight the row of 3 and copy and paste 4 more times to get a sheet with 15.


8) Print out and then use REAL punch to punch out…

DSC_0063 (2)

Now even my fingers still smell good from making the little bags Smile

Have a wonderful day!

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