Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today = Bath Time

Well – I do bathe more often than just once a week and really don’t have to announce that on my blog!

BUT I wanted to share with you the view I had earlier – an no worries it’s clean in more than one way:


Heheheeeee – this is the majority of my clear blocks and while getting the stamp supplies into the baskets for Stamp-a-Stack tonight, I saw just how nasty some of them had gotten. So I decided it was bath time!

On a more serious note… if you get permanent ink like StazOn onto your blocks, no worries! The good ole StazOn Cleaner will take it off. I then wash them all in HOT water with dish soap to make sure that the oil film comes off again!

So now they are drying off and will be sparkly and ready for tonight!

See you all soon!

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