Thursday, December 8, 2011

It’s good to be a dog

… at least at the Perry house. And that even after one had surgery. Some (or most) of you know that Sam had surgery last week, which he came thought wonderfully! Today I wanted to share with you how much he is loved even by my stampers.

He received his very own “Get Well” Card from Norma’s cats!

Here is the card that the cats told Norma to make so they could send it to Sam:

normas card

Not only did they think about the card, but also send a bone for Sam and another for Annie so she would not feel left out. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful, guys!

Here are a few shots of the dogs with their new treats:

dont take my bone

Sam seems to be saying “Don’t take my bone!” And Annie of course, is going to town on hers.


Big Yawn… protecting a bone must be just as tough as chewing one?!


Sam: “Let’s take a nap, BUT I’ll keep a paw on it, because I don’t trust HER”  (aka Annie)


  1. Buzz, Hoodie, Sassie and Bogie thank you for taking the pictures. They enjoyed seeing them.


  2. Ahh..that was so sweet of her! They look like they're enjoying them and I'm so happy to hear that Sam came through the surgery fine. :)



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