Thursday, February 13, 2014


Don’t you just LOVE when you receive an order AND get extra stuff to play with? Like I did last week…I received an order from PetSmart and they had TONS of the brown shipping paper stuffed in the box. AND the long sheets were perforated so I was able to make a pile of smaller sheets… easier to store. YAY!

But as soon as I saw that paper, I knew that I wanted to use it with my “Spiral Flower” die! See:

simply sketched_flower

How to:

Now when you look close, you can see that the flower is 2-toned. I simply cut TWO spiral from the packing paper and set one aside. The other one I’ve inked up with my Chocolate Chip inkpad. I didn’t like the uneven ink and lines on there, so I spritzed it with rubbing alcohol pretty wet and that made the ink bleed and color it nicely… I let that dry.

Then I picked up both spiral and layered them on top of one another, with the darker one behind the lighter. Using the angled tweezers I rolled both spirals together! Then I scrunched the petals a little more (so easy to do with this thin paper…) and used HOT GLUE to adhere the bud to the end piece. I also added some glue between the 2 end pieces of the 2 spirals for extra security.

Soooo easy – and I love the vintage look. Just wait until I pull out our Creped Filter Paper!

There are 2 items that I’ve used on this card that I want to point out as they are becoming fast favorites of mine..

scalloped Tag Topper

gold bakers twine

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