Friday, April 17, 2015

Customized Yeti Cup

OK, so this post has nothing to do with Stampin’ Or Stampin’ Up! Jus with crafting in general. And because I know most of you like to do lots of different things, I thought I’d share those 2 projects with you.
A friend of ours bought himself a Yeti cup and told us how great it keeps the ice from melting so we got us some too. And I decided I needed to decorate them so Rob would only take his to work!
Here is his
And of course I wanted mine more girly, and waited a bit until I gotten some glittery vinyl in. Here is mine
Look at my signature below, yep that’s the same “C” as on my yeti cup!
I totally love using my cameo machine (sihouette)… and you know you can even cut files from “My digital Studio” with it…

Edited to add:
Since I've had inquiries...I am not in the business of making and selling decals. It's more of a hobby for me. Sorry!


  1. Did you use vinyl on his? On yours what kind od vinyl. I had ordered all indoor vinyl by mistake and in the middle of purchasing some outdoor. Your help would be much appreciated because I have the 30, my hubby has the 20 and last week he bought me through Tundra 50.

    1. I just used regular vinyl (never gotten some for outdoors).... I've only been hand washing them anyways so no problem... Hope this helps

  2. Do you make and sell? We are looking for vinyl decals with our business logo to put on 20 oz RTIC tumblers.

    1. I am not sure you will get my answer since you didn't leave a contact... But I wanted to let you know that, no I am not in the business to making and selling decals. It's more of a hobby for me. Sorry!

  3. I am looking to do just this but trying to find the right vinyl that will stand up to use, washings, hot, cold, etc. Looks like you have had them over a year now, do you remember what vinyl you used? Did you do any overspray or cover?


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