Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fun with Scraps!

Greetings everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the vitamin D that Claudia and Rob have been sharing with us.  Today I'll be sharing with you my love of "Scraps".  "Saving Cuts and Random Attractive Paper snippets".

Okay I made that up but it has you thinking doesn't it?

Hands many of you have a stash like this?
This is my stash.  It sits on my desk ready at a moments notice.  When the stash starts to overflow, then it's time to break out the Top Note die and make some card foundations. This is a great technique for those that don't like to fussy cut.  It's also great for feeding that OCD side too. 

Step 1: grab several sheets of a light colored card stock. I prefer SU! White as it is slightly thinner than darker CS.
Step 2: cut each sheet in half and then in half against.  You end up with a 4.25 x 5.5 " pieces.
Step 3: apply your favorite adhesive across the CS foundation.
Step 4: start ripping and layering your scraps onto the foundation.  It's okay if nothing lines up or if everything hangs off.
Step 5: place your scrap foundation on the Top Note die and cut.  Other die cut shapes work too.
Don't forget to get out your favorite SU! Stamp set and stamp on the back ground. 

Here is an example of what can be done with scraps or that beautiful DSP you have been holding on to:
Now go have fun with those "Scraps"!

Theresa Wade

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