Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Updates by email are available again

Hi guys - used to, one was able to get an email when I posted something new to my blog... it was brought to my attention (Thanks, Becky!) that it seems it's not working anymore. And it wasn't! So I quickly researched other solutions, and think I found one that will work! I've added the button on the right side of the blog! It looks like this:

You'll just type your email address in the small box and click follow.... pretty easy...

But then we need to look and see if it's set up so you will receive the emails! You'll click on "Bloglovin" and sign into your account... Once there, click on the Profile arrow and select "Settings"

Then scroll down until you see "Notifications"... and make sure it's set on the option you want...

Then if the internet gods are willing you will receive future updates by email! Maybe not instantly, but with a couple of hours delay.... which I consider a success!  Please let me know if you need help with this!

Thanks for your support!

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